Top 5 Reasons To Prepare Your Vehicle For Summer Weather

Jun 1, 2018

You’ve probably read that you should prepare your vehicle for the summer weather, but did anyone ever tell you why? There are several reasons, and probably more than five, but these are the top five.

1. The temperatures have been warming up every year, and this summer will probably be no exception. Before you’re stuck on some lonely desert highway with no cell phone coverage, get your vehicle ready for the heat. Your cooling system needs some extra attention before you head out for vacation. Let us check your radiator and tighten all those loose hoses, so you feel extra safe and secure heading into the heat.

2. Dust can be a big issue when there hasn’t been any rain. Although people think of California as green, everyone who lives here knows how dry and dusty everything is in the summer. That dust can get into your vents, your door jambs, and even inside the car. It can be pretty annoying. Dust can also get into the engine and cause all kinds of problems. Let us take a look before you go on that long weekend camping trip.

3. While the sun is lovely in smallish doses, too much of it can cramp your car’s style. If you’ve ever owned a red car, you know how the sun can cause the paint job to fade after a while. The sun can also damage your car’s interior. Also, the interior temperature of a car sitting in the sun can be like a greenhouse. In some places, there are laws against leaving your pets inside a hot car. When the sun beats down on your car, you tend to run the A/C more, which can cause overheating. So let us check that out, too.

4. Summer is an excellent time to update your emergency road kits. Even with the best of intentions, cars do occasionally break down. Having some basics in your emergency kits, such as water, a blanket, extra socks and shoes, a flashlight, jumper cables, and a spare tire can give you peace of mind. We also recommend a couple of fun items such as a deck of cards and a board game.

5. Your family is a big reason to prepare your vehicle for the summer. You want everyone to feel comfortable driving. Don’t let your road trip become one of those “hell-on-wheels” trips, where everyone posts pictures of the broken-down car all over social media. We would much rather know that your family is happy, safe, and secure for the summer.

Come by and let us help you get your car ready for summer. We are conveniently located at 801 S Lakeview Avenue, Unit G, Placentia, CA 92870. If you want your vehicle and family to experience a safe summer road trip, schedule an appointment for outstanding service. We’d love to see you!