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Quite often, a customer will call and ask for a "Tune-Up" believing that this is the "fix" for a poor running engine, a check engine light, etc. Although in some cases, replacing the spark plugs may repair a poor running engine, it quite often makes no difference simply because it is not the cause of the problem at hand. If you have an engine running problem, we would be happy to help, but we recommend beginning with some basic engine diagnosis. Although, the term "Tune-Up" no longer means what it used to; it is still a term that we use to refer to ignition maintenance related services (replacement of spark plugs, etc.). Most vehicle owner's manuals specify the appropriate interval for replacement of the spark plugs, etc. and we believe that the best course of action is to follow these recommendations called "Recommended Maintenance" or "Scheduled Maintenance".

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At Yorba Linda Auto Service, we strive to make quality our primary goal. No matter what the problem with your vehicle is, our skilled technicians will diagnose and repair it at a fair cost. We have been providing quality auto repair in Placentia, California and surrounding areas since 2001.