10 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off Before School Starts

Jul 31, 2021

It’s time for our August blog! A new year of school will begin before we know it, and students are eager everywhere to finally return to in-person learning.

Back to school and in-person classes mean the rush and craze of school drop-offs and pickups are back. There will be more traffic moving, and because of this, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and provides safe transportation to you and your passengers. We understand that knowing exactly what to take your car for inspection can be overwhelming. We have made it easier by compiling a list of 10 car repairs that you should not put off before school is back in session:

1. Tire Rotation

It is essential to rotate your tires to avoid uneven wearing of the tires. We recommend doing this every 7,500 miles.

2. Tire Regrooving

The grooves on your tires are what allow your car to have traction and handling control on the road.

3. Oil Change

Changing your oil regularly ensures the moving parts inside of your engine are well lubricated. Getting your oil changed avoids overheating and prevents wearing inside your engine, and overall gives cleanliness to your vehicle.

4. Wiper Blades

These are the key tools that keep your windshield clean after rain, mist, or fog. It is vital to replace them when they wear out to keep the visibility of the road.

5. Air Filter/Air Conditioning

Keeping your AC clean ensures comfort and keeps temperatures low inside the cabin. Your air filters clean the air going into your vehicle, so you are breathing fresher and cleaner air.

6. Axle Alignment

If you ever feel your car “pulling” to the sides, your vehicle may require an axle alignment. An axle alignment is helpful for your front axle to be in sync with your rear axle on the road.

7. Brake Inspection

Your brakes serve the critical role of allowing your car to come to a complete stop. Replacing worn brakes is important to avoid accidents and keep you and your passengers safe.

8. Timing Belt Inspection

Timing belts are essential to a well-functioning engine. However, these belts can wear out over time, so an inspection can ensure that your timing belts perform as they should.

9. Fluids

Having the fluids of your car inspected is recommended to allow your vehicle to function properly. Some liquids we recommend getting inspected are power steering fluid, antifreeze, coolant, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid.

10. Lights

Properly operating lights ensure safety on the road. Being able to see the road ahead with your headlights or communicate with other drivers using your brake lights and directional lights provides you with safe travels for you and other vehicles on the road. We recommend you also get your reverse lights, high beams, and interior lighting inspected as well.


Our experts at Yorba Linda Auto Service would be more than happy to assist in making you feel safer in your vehicle by doing inspections and making sure that all is good. Click here to schedule your appointment or visit us at 801 South Lakeview Ave STE G, Placentia, CA 92870!