10 Signs Your Vehicle Needs TLC ASAP

Oct 1, 2021

Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash

Just like it is important to look after yourself and your health, you should be looking out for your vehicle’s health as well. By offering your car some tender loving care, or TLC, you will be able to save money in the long run by preventing damage to your engine or vehicle. In this issue of our monthly blog, we would like to discuss 10 signs your vehicle needs some TLC and why you should listen.

1. Issues with Your Brakes

If you are experiencing unresponsive brakes or noticed an increase in the sensitivity in your brakes, bring your vehicle to our shop asap. This can be a sign that your brakes need professional attention, and we will gladly inspect your vehicle for any sign of faulty brakes. You can also follow this link, https://yorbalindaautoservice.com/brake-service-repair, to check out the brake services we offer!

2. Abnormal Sounds

If you happen to notice squeaks or squeals that are unusual in your vehicle, there may be an issue. Even if you are uncertain if noise is normal or not, you can also have it checked for peace of mind. Come by our shop today if you believe your vehicle is making abnormal and unusual sounds. Check out this link to learn more about one of the most common reasons for squeaking sounds!

3. Frequent Stalling

Mainly geared toward manual cars. (Yes, that was a pun.) Frequent stalling can also be an issue in your vehicle. If you believe you are in the right gear, the problem can be with your spark plugs or clogged fuel filters! We will look at your vehicle to ensure you get back on the road with no issues.

4. Trouble Starting Your Vehicle

Are you turning the ignition key and having trouble starting your vehicle? This can be an issue. We want you to have a smooth and worry-free experience with your vehicle from start to finish. But if the issue is starting your vehicle, then we would appreciate you bringing your vehicle to our shop for an inspection. If you are interested in learning more about our services for this issue, please follow this link!

5. Burning Smell

Notice a burning smell coming from your engine? Get that check out. There can be many reasons for this, but we recommend calling us for advice and eventually bringing in your vehicle for maintenance. Follow this link, https://yorbalindaautoservice.com/contactus, to contact us and learn more about how we can help you and your vehicle

6. Grinding Gears

Your gearbox is something that undergoes normal wear and tear. After all, it is something you use every single time you use your vehicle. With normal wear and tear, there will come a time when your vehicle requires scheduled maintenance. The issue comes when you ignore or skip scheduled maintenance. More damage can be done by this that can cost more and leave your vehicle at a shop for a longer period of time. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection so we can determine your gearbox needs and provide any maintenance needed.

7. Lights on Your Dashboard

One of the more obvious signs will be right in front of you. If you see a light turn on, get it checked out. While it is possible it can be a faulty sensor, it is better to have your ‘check engine light’ or any other light checked by our shop. We will inspect your vehicle and let you know of any repairs or maintenance needed.

8. Power Reduction

When you are on the road and notice your vehicle struggling to maintain or reach proper speeds, then there can be an issue with your car. While your vehicle should experience power reduction through age and mileage, the change should be minimal and relatively unnoticeable in a short period of time. If you notice any issue regarding your vehicle’s power, come by our shop so that we can diagnose the problem and resolve it.

9. Leaking of Fluids

Seeing wet spots where your car was parked or having to change a fluid more than usual? Then there can be a broken or ripped hose that is leaking fluid. Not only does this cost you by having to replace the fluid often, but it can cause further damage to your engine since it is not receiving the proper amount of fluids it should be. Our technicians can identify the leaking fluid and inspect for any faulty pipes.

10. Vibrations

Noticing excessive vibrations coming from your engine or elsewhere in your vehicle? This can be a huge sign that your vehicle requires attention. From loose bearings to unbalanced tires, several components can lead to shaking and vibrations in your vehicle. To be sure of the issue, bring your vehicle to our shop, where we can assess the problem and have it fixed.


We hope you were able to read through these 10 signs so that you can give your vehicle the tender love and care it deserves when needed. While we hope you are not able to identify any of these issues in your vehicle, we would like to remind you that you can count on us to be there when your vehicle needs it. Give us a call at (714) 970-4190 or follow this link, https://yorbalindaautoservice.com/appointments, to schedule an appointment today!