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Better Safe Than Sorry — Here is What Needs to Go In Your Emergency Kit

Dec 1, 2020

The team at Yorba Linda Auto Service strongly believes in the saying, “better safe than sorry,” which is why we can’t emphasize the importance of an emergency kit enough. With the holidays and winter quickly approaching, we may be planning road trips, either to the snow, to visit our loved ones, and so on. Not only is mother nature unpredictable, but you never know what might happen while you are out on the road.

Along with packing an emergency kit with essential items, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to our facility for an inspection. The last thing you need to worry about during the holiday season’s hustle and bustle is your vehicle. Here are some of the items that need to go into your emergency kit:

  1. Car jack and spare tire.
  2. Jumper cables.
  3. Emergency car battery charger.
  4. Pocket Knife.
  5. Emergency Blanket.
  6. Nonperishable snacks like granola bars.
  7. Rain poncho.
  8. Snow shovel.
  9. Window scraper.
  10. Water.
  11. Flashlight.
  12. Utility gloves.
  13. Reflective vest.
  14. First-aid kit.
  15. Reflective triangles.
  16. Portable car charger.
  17. Basic tool kit.
  18. Duct tape.
  19. Wool blanket.
  20. Car cellphone charger
  21. Local road maps
  22. Disinfecting wipes
  23. Kitty Litter and/or salt. (to help with tire traction)
  24. Extra quart of oil.
  25. Any normal medications.
  26. Chains.
  27. Matches.
  28. List of important phone numbers in case the phone dies.
  29. Tie-downs and/or bungee cords.
  30. Compass.


It is always better to be safe than sorry! We encourage you to bring your vehicle to our shop for an inspection before you embark on any holiday trips, along with packing an emergency kit. Schedule an appointment for service at Yorba Linda Auto Service or call us if you have questions about your cabin air filter.