Don’t Sweat It — How to Keep Your Vehicle From Overheating in the Summer

Jun 1, 2020

Photo by Unknown on Unsplash

You may think winter has the most significant effect on your vehicle, but summer can take quite a toll on your car. Just think — you have a summer drive ahead, and you are ready to listen to music and escape the world for a little bit, but you see that engine temperature warning light begin to flash on the dashboard. Your engine is starting to overheat. This situation may sound like a nightmare, but it is easy to prevent.

Just like how you need to stay dehydrated during high temperatures, your vehicle does too. The most common cause of engine overheating is low coolant levels. It is essential to make sure your radiator is full of coolant and the right mixture too. It would help if you had the right coolant mix of antifreeze and water. This procedure may sound complicated, but the team at Yorba Linda Auto Service will make it easy for you — we are here to help.

You have to make sure your coolant is at the appropriate level, but you need to make sure your coolant is fresh. Your coolant, almost like any liquid, has an expiration date. After that lifespan has passed, it will leave deposits behind in your engine and radiator. Our technicians will replace your coolant at regular intervals to ensure it doesn’t see its end in your engine.

June is the perfect time to clear your vehicle’s radiator. During spring and winter, dirt, leaves, and even mosquitoes can build up. This type of debris can block your airflow from reaching your cooling system. While we are examining your radiator, we will take a look at your radiator cap as well. Your radiator cap needs to be correctly fastened, and if the radiator cap has a spring, and the spring is weak, it can lead to overheating.

Before summer is officially here, bring your vehicle to Yorba Linda Auto Service for an inspection. We will make sure you can stay cool and comfortable in your vehicle. Yorba Linda Auto Service is located at 801 S Lakeview Avenue, Unit G, Placentia, CA 92870. Schedule an appointment for service or call us if you have questions about your vehicle’s windshield wipers or anything else.