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Drivetrain Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Smooth and Efficient Power Delivery

Jan 1, 2023

It’s a New Year, and you’re ready to take care of your vehicle like never before. You’ve dug up old warranty information and are just about to head to your mechanic (Yorba Linda Auto Service would be a great choice!). Still, you’ve just realized something…you have no idea what a drivetrain is. What does this term mean, and how does it affect your warranty?

A drivetrain is a group of components in your vehicle that support mechanical power. The transmission, differential, drive shaft, axles, CV joints, and wheels are part of your drivetrain. If you have a drivetrain warranty, this means the warranty covers these.

So…why does this matter to you? Read on while the expert mechanics at Yorba Linda Auto Service explain!

Your Drivetrain: Explained

Here at Yorba Linda Auto Service, it’s not uncommon that some car terms go right over a customer’s head. There’s no need to be embarrassed about this. Behind this desk, we’ve gone to school for this stuff and gotten numerous certifications allowing us to be experts in the field! One of my favorite things a customer has said to me is, “Please, explain it to me like I’m five.” So, that’s what I’m going to do!

The drivetrain is a more extensive term that encompasses some smaller (yet mighty!) things.

  • Tires
    The four wheels on your vehicle.
  • Differential
    Gears in your vehicle that help your wheels sync up when turning.
  • Transmission
    The place where all your gears live. It also moves the power from your engine to your wheels.
  • Drive Shaft
    Torque is a measure of force that helps things rotate around an axle. This transmits torque from the engine to the wheels.
  • Axles
    A central shaft for rotation.
  • CV Joints
    Connect your transmission to your wheels.

You’ve heard of your tires, transmission, and axles or joints. The seasoned driver may even know what differentials are. If you know what these are, you know your drive train! Though not all things are interconnected regarding issues (a flat tire doesn’t mean you have an issue with your transmission), they all affect one another (a flat tire may weigh your vehicle in a way that harms your axles and your transmission).

Drivetrain maintenance

Drivetrain Maintenance

How This Affects Your Warranty

Not everyone has a warranty…but you may have a drivetrain warranty if you do. The drivetrain warranty will include your transmission driveshaft, axles, and wheels. However, it will not take care of your engine! That’s a powertrain warranty (we’ll chat about that later).

Often, you’ll get this kind of warranty from your drivetrain. Depending on the warranty, you may find different things included and languages, such as torque converter, propeller shaft, rear axle, and the like. Just remember that these things help your car move (or DRIVE, see where that came from!), excluding your engine.

Your Maintenance Checklist For Your Drivetrain

How can you ensure your warranty is never something you will use?

Unfortunately, knowing that you’ll never use it is nearly impossible. Parts will wear no matter how luxurious your vehicle is and eventually need replacing or support. Our suggestions for keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape to extend its life are:

  • Always get your oil changes on time
  • Checking your tires for wear or holes
  • Get your transmission fluid changed, refilled, and flushed when needed
  • Shift your gears with kindness! (Especially if you have a clutch!)
  • Take it easy on the brakes…which means staying vigilant!

Checking with your auto mechanic will help you assess the wellness of your drivetrain.

The Powertrain vs. Drivetrain

What’s the difference between your powertrain and drivetrain? As stated above, the drivetrain is all the things that make your car move or drive. It’ll include everything in the drivetrain and your engine! The powertrain is what gives your vehicle power.

So what’s the real difference? Your engine!

Need any help? Come See Yorba Linda Auto Service!

If you’re having drivetrain troubles, we have your back. Bring your vehicle in for a visit to us! For any repairs you need, come on in and see how we can help. Click here to schedule your appointment or visit us at 801 South Lakeview Ave STE G, Placentia, CA 92870!