How Is Your Car Similar To The Human Body?

Are you someone with an older car that you love? If you are, then you’ll want to read this.
An older car of say, older than 10 years is like a senior citizen in the automotive world.
When your car is new and fresh, it rarely has automotive issues. But as you age, your body,
like your car, requires more care and certainly more preventive maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

While we always believe in preventive maintenance, it’s even more critical as a car ages.
Like your body, things in a car tend to break down as they get older. For example, hoses
may become more inflexible and break. Gaskets get worn down and may leak. An older car
is more likely to creak, and the brakes may get worn out. The suspension may be “squishy,”
too. And the electronics often go haywire in older cars as well.

What to Do?

As we age, we need to go to the doctor more often for checkups. We can’t skip three or four
years of doctor’s visits just because they’re inconvenient. When we’re younger, our teeth
look shiny and white, since they haven’t had to do much work yet. But as we age, we may
need to have a better diet with more greens and we might even have to stop drinking. For
your vehicle to perform its best, taking it to your mechanic more often for services becomes
more critical, just like a senior going in for regular bloodwork and cancer screenings. Having
the oil checked and changed regularly, and doing all the routine maintenance, such as tire
rotations, are important. All of the checkup and services are investments in your vehicle’s

We Don’t Know What Will Happen

Just like with a person, we don’t know what the future holds for us and our vehicle. But if
you bring in your vehicle for all its maintenance checks, you’ll be more likely to weather any
bigger problems when they do come along. Also, your auto repair technicians will have a
better idea of the issues your car has if it’s in the shop regularly. Just as it’s critical to have
a good doctor as one ages, having a good relationship with your mechanic will let your car
age more gracefully.

We Know You Love Your Classic Car

If you love your older car, please bring it in for regular maintenance. Don’t wait for
something to break before bringing it in. Your beloved car will be in good hands with us. We
are conveniently located at 801 S Lakeview Avenue, Unit G, Placentia, CA 92870. We’d love
to see you and your classic car, so schedule an appointment with us for service.